Monday, October 14, 2013

Feeling the love!

Hannah is quite the affectionate girl these days. She hugs and kisses on command:) Which of course is adorable! She is even learning to kiss with her mouth CLOSED. We all appreciate that. 

Clearly her siblings are smitten with her too!

And this is what happens when one of her parents has the audacity to leave her outside of the bathroom for a mere 60 seconds...

  Total meltdown! Charlotte was a little perplexed by her sister's drama. Funny. Because Charlotte has quite a bit of drama herself these days...

See they really do love each other! And the candy I bribed them with. Yeah, that helped too:)
Speaking of meltdowns and drama. (That is the only way I can think to make this somewhat cohesive:) I have been a mess today. It has just been one of those days. On the way home from a park playdate Charlotte accused Isaiah of drinking all the water. Isaiah adamantly denied it - there were a few drops of water left in it! Details shmetails. In attempt to peacefully resolve the disagreement, I reassured the kids that we had a sink at home FULL of water to refill the bottle. This then lead to a heated argument over the exact number of sinks we have in our home. Charlotte was sure we have 2. While Isaiah felt very strongly that we have 3. It was becoming a vicious cycle of "No Chaaarlotte you are wrong. I know!" And "Isaiah Michael stop!". So I stopped it. I declared the van a no talking zone! There is just no reasoning with those small opinionated people:) 

I wish I could say that I became more reasonable once home. But that would be a lie. The baby woke up from nap way too early! And Isaiah came out of rest time way too early as well. He was hungry. I graciously fed him a PB&J.  But then like the crazy lunatic that I was I declared his chewing "too loud" and sent him to the play room to eat! See? Crazy lunatic! But really too loud chewing is a real thing. I swear. He must have inherited it from his father. Joe has been reprimanded many, many times in the past decade for that very thing! Poor kid probably wishes he had school today and that it wasn't a holiday:)

Oh by the way, we have 4 sinks in our home. So there kids! Take that.
Its a good thing this kind of crazy only comes around once a month:)


  1. I am trying to figure out where your 4th sink is??

    1. That's for me to know and you to find out...on your next visit:)