Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shameless Plug

I entered Hannah into a cute baby contest. I have never done anything like this before...honestly. This is my third baby and while I think they are all adorable this is the first time I have ever done anything like this....

Sooooo here it is my shameless plug asking for your VOTE.  Ok. Ok.  Maybe it is a little shameful:)  But nonetheless I am doing it. So if you simply want to vote click HERE. Its easy. I promiise. I already did it...otherwise she would have 0 votes. (Oh if you can't find her picture keep scrolling down. You might have to click the 'Load More' button.)

And because brevity is NOT my forte, here is the background on the picture and the photo contest and all that jazz.

Last summer when I was HUGELY pregnant with Hannah I saw a friend's newborn pictures on facebook.  Her darling baby was in a lacy romper. It was the girliest thing I had ever seen on such a teeny little baby. I immediately fell IN LOVE! I fell hard. I wanted to buy one right then and there. But I convinced myself that was a bad plan for many reasons: 1. I didn't know the gender of our in-utero babe and a boy would look pretty silly in one:) 2. I had no idea where to get one and I was sure they were SUPER expensive. 3. I already had newborn picture outfits planned for either a girl or a boy.  So alas I did not buy one.

And look Hannah did look adorable in her newborn pictures....

in the ruffle bum diaper cover my mom and I created:) For free. 

Fast forward a year. As we were getting ready to take family pictures...you know the ones and if you don't just scroll up or check out 'Meet the Fam':) I was planning and replanning and replanning our outfits like a mad woman. I was struggling to find something for Hannah that would compliment Charlotte's dress without clashing. My goal was to not spend any money and just use what we already owned. One week before the pictures we were set to go. And then it happened. I saw another FB picture of a girl in a lacy romper. And again I wanted one. But I still didn't know exactly what it was and how to get one.

So I googled, "little girl lace romper" and from there I discovered Girls Crochet Headbands and their VERY reasonably priced lace rompers! I was ecstatic.  So of course I just had to buy one for Hannah in mint for $8.99!  Seriously $8.99. That's cheap. After I ordered it, I was worried it wouldn't come in time for the pictures. It did.  And I was worried that it would look really cheap. It doesn't. And I was worried it would be terribly scratchy and uncomfortable. It isn't. It is so soft and comfy. Hannah has worn it it numerous times in fact. I think it might have been the best $8.99 I have spent in a long time. So worth it. 


Photos by Emily Danielle

Which finally leads me to the photo contest.  Girls Crochet Headbands sent me an e-mail announcing their cute baby contest for little girls wearing their products. And it just so happens that I have a cute little girl AND a great picture of her wearing one of their rompers. So I just had to enter the contest. I had no choice:)

Whats in it for me? The joy of knowing other people think my baby is cute:) And the chance to win money towards more purchases at GCH.  Whats in it for you? Well not much. Other than feeling good about helping me...that and you get to look at cute girls in cute outfits. Oh and if you are having a baby girl soon maybe I will use my prize money to get you a little something:) And I realize the competition is tough! There are some really cute girls in this contest and if you choose one of them instead of Hannah well I wouldn't hold it against you. Not too much. So if you want to vote, click HERE. Or if you just want to shop, click there too.  Girls Crochet Headbands has some amazing stuff at amazing prices.  Rompers, headbands, hair clips and leg warmers to name a few. Seriously, check them out. You won't be disappointed.  (They are not paying me to say this. I wish they would though...)

Much thanks faithful friends and readers...if you choose to vote for my baby.  She is pretty cute:) Says the biased mom.

PS - When you vote it will say it wants to log in with FB but you can actually skip that step. No worries.


  1. I voted. :) AND I do think she is the cutest one on there. :) Good luck little Miss Hannah!

    1. Thanks friend! We are far from winning but it's fun to try:)

  2. She is the cutest! I am trying to vote... I promise...how do you skip the FB part?

    1. Thank you! Hmm. I don't think you can skip the entire FB part - just the sharing your info part...sorry that's probably not all that helpful:)

      Regardless thanks for trying to vote! I appreciate it.