Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A little bug.

Not surprising, since my return from Chicago my kids have been a little "under the weather". 

How else can I put it nicely? We have a not-so-nice GI "bug" that has left me thankful for all of the following things (in no particular order): 

1. A washer and dryer that I can use anytime my heart desires. I definitely should be using it more often these days because our bathtub isn't the ideal location for the sickies' discarded soiled clothing. My husband informed me of such:) Too bad my heart's desire these days is sleep and sewing. Not doing laundry. 
2. A husband who is willing to get up at night with sick children AND change bedding. Changing soiled bedding + soiled children at 2 AM is like an Olympic Sport. It's challenging. This guy is like a gold medalist! I am going to keep him around a bit longer. 
3. Disposable diapers. Sorry cloth diapers. You and I are taking a break. Enough said. 
4. The fact that I am NOT pregnant and dealing with 3 sick kids. And my GI symptoms are almost completely resolved!
5. My husband's neurology rotation which promises to be "lighter". In terms of hours that is. Plenty challenging in regards to the learning curve. It's steep!
6. Bleach. 

So what is a mom of three {slightly} sick children to do?! 

Take them out for a little fall photo shoot of course. Makes perfect sense! My kids were thrilled...ahem...tolerant of my shenanigans. But I feel it was totally worth it because I got these gems. 

And this one I really like...except that isn't a smile on Hannah's face. That's a scream:)

This girl really likes to ham it up for the camera. And I don't mind. Not one little bit:)

Tell me how you really feel about my photo shoot...
Sorry kids. I just can't help myself. 

Ever since we moved to Illinois I feel compelled to take pictures of my kids outside in the fall. Compelled. It's just such a pretty season it seems like a shame to waste a beautiful (free!) background. 

Here are years past:




  1. Makes me want to go out and take pictures in the leaves... Oh wait we don't have trees. I might have to go in search of some!!! (If the sun ever shines again)

    1. But you do have hay bales!!! Those make festive fall pictures...especially if you add a few pumpkins:) And you don't need sunshine - I took these pictures on a cloudy day. But I do suggest having candy as bribery.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I just wish I had a nicer camera. Someday:)