Thursday, October 17, 2013

How did I sleep last night?

Well thank you for asking! Honestly? Like crap. Let me give you Exhibit A:

^That is a pretty accurate representation of how we slept. Or more accurately how we tried to sleep last night. 

*In the first picture Hannah was much higher in our bed. Like between our heads. Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. 
*Oh and add Charlotte to my side of the bed in both of those pictures because she was there too. Her and her intermittent whining. About what?! I have no idea. All the baby kicks to the head made it impossible to focus on anything else. 
*Unlike the mom pictured above I did NOT have a wardrobe change. Who has time for that?
*Lastly, the second picture was rare. I would have welcomed that position gladly in comparison to the other. But no dice. 

I really shouldn't complain. Because we usually have 3 great sleepers. As in we put them to bed at 8pm and don't hear from them until 7am. (Well except Isaiah...while he is in bed at 8...he takes a loooong time to fall asleep. I digress.) My point? Not sure there is one. I guess I am just always shocked when we have a night like this. But want to know what is not shocking? These nights ALWAYS correspond to the nights before Joe has a big test. Without fail. Like clock work. It's like the kids have a sixth sense about important nights or something. 

Ok. I am done ranting and rambling. Time to crack open my Pepsi and get started on my 4 day overdue laundry! So much for putting myself on a housework schedule:)

I seriously have no idea how Joe is going to study all day at the library. I personally would find a quiet corner and a comfortable chair and nap. Good thing he's more studious than me:)

He is awake and studying...
We found him after storytime at the library:)
Which means I have not started the laundry. Oops. 

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