Monday, October 28, 2013

I remember when...

...board books were only for reading.

...and my baby wasn't allowed out in public with a booger-y nose. 

...I made all my own baby food. 

...the first birthday cupcake was my baby's first taste of sugar. 

...and TV was not allowed until age 2. 

...outings to the library were another opportunity to learn colors, shapes, letters, etc. kids outfits were picked out by me and perfectly matching. 

...snacks consisted of only fruits and vegetables. I cringed at the idea of graham crackers or goldfish!

...I thought getting a good picture of our family of three was challenging. 

...and all of my kids' toys were neatly organized by type with all their parts/pieces accounted for. 

...the days at home with one immobile baby were impossibly long and I found myself bored at times. 

Nowadays board books also stand in for chew toys. And I am okay with that. 

While I still cringe {a little} when out and about with a snot nosed child, sometimes it just can't be avoided. If we waited until everyone's nose wasn't running we would be housebound all winter. 

 And those baby food convenient! They are worth their weight in gold when trying to feed a baby on the go. {Which I feel like I am always doing these days.} Sugar. In moderation. Just like everything else. But definitely consumed before age 1:) TV...ditto on the sugar sentiment. And lets be honest, somedays it is my-holding-on-by-a-thread babysitter. 

Thank you PBS for entertaining and educating my children. 

We still love the library! {And storytime.} But these days the puzzles, puppets and blocks at the library are just that puzzles, puppets and blocks. A happy distraction.  Not always an opportunity to teach & learn. Because somedays I just need a little me time. Time to zone out {a bit} while my kids play. 

And these days I am just happy my kids are clothed! {Socks are completely optional in this house.} And if they put them on by themselves...even better! I will take what I can get. Snacks come in many different forms...including goldfish and graham crackers! And guess what? The kids are growing. Healthy and strong. Of course we still do eat our fruits and veggies as well:)

And yes sometimes snack is self-served on the kitchen floor. Correction: often snack is self-served on the kitchen floor! Quite the independent crew I am raising.

Family pictures. Ha! It's like herding cats. And trying to give the cats a bath. That's how much they like it. If we are all in the picture I call that a Victory. Yes with a capital V. 

 I  try:)

Oh the toys! They have completely taken over my world. Well my house at least. I laugh just thinking how much time and energy I spent organizing and sorting and keeping track of toys before. Because truly all I care about the toys now is that at the end of the day they are picked up and NOT a tripping hazard. I couldn't care less if all the parts are accounted for or not. {Apparently time has turned me into a heartless being?!}

So am I still bored? 

Not in the least. Oh sure, the days are still really long. And some days are really, really loooooong. And the day in and day out tasks of motherhood can be boring, but I am not bored. No time for boredom. There are always dishes to be washed. Or a meal to prepare. Stories to be read. Laundry to fold. Messes cleaned. Babies to be rocked. Homework to help with. And of course toys to be picked up. Always the toys!


PS - The inspiration for this post came from all the first time moms I watch at the library. They are SO anxious for their toddlers to learn and do. A puzzle is not just a puzzle for these moms. Instead it is an opportunity for them to quiz their toddler on colors, shapes, animals...whatever. Bless their eager mommy hearts. I watch them and think "I used to do that" while not doing it with my own toddler. Sometimes I think they watch me...just doing a puzzle with my toddler NOT quizzing her...and feel bad for my daughter because she for a mom. The other day another mom went so far as to praise my toddler on her puzzle un-doing abilities because I hadn't:) Sometimes I just want to blurt out, "Don't worry she is my third. I used to do that too. You'll change. Just wait." But instead I hold my tongue. And blog:)


  1. Ah...yes. Amazing how things change isn't it!? Our lives are quite similar, and I know we're not the only ones who experience this!

    1. Amazing indeed. Especially considering the fact that I didn't think I would change as a mother. Ha!