Friday, October 18, 2013

I am outta here!

And tonight I am doing it. I hopped a train to the city:) To hang out with a good friend from high school.  I even painted my nails all fancy-like...

Ok. They are just pink. But that is pretty fancy for me!

 I get to stay all night. (Thanks Joe!) Every once in a while a girl has to do this kind of thing. Or in my case every 5.5 months or so.
Its gonna be great. I just know it.
Admittedly I do feel bad ditching Joe and the kids as this is his first full free weekend in a long time. But not too bad. We will just call it a crash course in reintegration to life for him. I hope he enjoys being the Dance Dad tomorrow morning. Should be good interesting:) 

I am off!  To do whatever it is fun young people do in the city on a Friday night. I don't exactly know what that is, but I imagine it isn't reading a parenting book...I promise to tuck that away until my train ride home tomorrow.


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    1. Well fun might not be the adjective I would use to describe the night:) Stay tuned.