Saturday, October 5, 2013


Anyone that knows me knows that I am quite thrifty. I believe I am just your run-of-the-mill penny pincher. Some might say stingy. But I prefer frugal. Tom-ay-toe. Tom-o-toe.

Washing and reusing ziplock bags is standard procedure in this house. 99.9% of my kids' clothes are purchased at garage sales or secondhand stores - mine too in fact! I have been known to refill my shampoo bottle with many, many little hotel shampoos. Last year my kids each picked out a book at Isaiah's school book fair. They read their books once and then I took them and wrapped them up as Christmas gifts. I have an entire box of clothes in my sewing area just waiting to be repurposed. I pack our lunch and/or snacks for the majority of our fun family outings. In fact I even pack most of our meals for roadtrips too. 

I was actually quite proud of my newest frugal trick at the apple orchard this year. See I bought caramel apples at the grocery store before we went to the orchard. And I promised the kids a caramel apple for the ride home if they were well behaved and good listeners while at the orchard! Worked like a charm. The kids behaved (and had fun). We all enjoyed a yummy apple treat. AND all for less than 1/4 of the orchard price! 

But I am just not this frugal:
Those are no ordinary baby pants. NO those are infant potty training pants brought to me all the way from China by my cousin. 

No? Sorry that is what happens when you ask a three year old to be your photographer. Let's try again. With reversed roles. 
They are baby pants...with the bottom missing! Ya know so the baby (presumably diaper-less) can use the potty anytime...without having to undress. Nifty huh? Down right weird and gross if you ask me! 

So while I am SUPER thrifty. I am just not that thrifty. I will stick with my money saving cloth diapers until Hannah is actually ready to potty a toddler NOT an infant:) But thanks for thinking of me and my frugal-loving heart cousin. It was definitely that the thought that counted with this gift. 

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