Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last day of surgery!!!!

I am sorry was my excitement level not clear enough there? A few more explanation points next time? Ok. 


And we all survived! Thrived? Maybe:) I am so so so excited. These last 16 weeks have been tough (8 weeks IM + 8 weeks surgery) but they are now D.O.N.E. Never ever to be repeated. (Unless of course he decides to become a surgeon...but we aren't going there just now.) 

Internal medicine and surgery are notoriously the hardest 3rd year rotations. So the rest of the year should be a cake walk, right?! Ok. Maybe not a cake walk but less daunting for sure! 

This might sound trite to those who have never gone through medical school, but the phrase 'We can do hard things' is ringing very true to me these days. While I realize it is an amazing opportunity (that most people don't get) - it is HARD. For our entire family. Medical school is an all encompassing beast. But we are getting there...slowly but surely. 

I have gotten off track. The point is, we made it through one more hurdle. We are doing this thing. Today is worthy of celebrating. So tonight we will! That's all. Just a little pat on our backs so to speak:)

I know these little people will be happy to have their dad around a little more this coming month (and I sure hope I am not jinxing us)...

*Oh and normally I probably would have just sent Joe a "Yay we made it!" text today. BUT his phone is not working and hasn't been for over a week now:( So instead I am declaring my excitement to the world. 


  1. Yay! Enjoy your night with your blessed little fam!

    1. Thank you:) We mostly did...we had DQ! If that doesn't scream celebration I don't know what does?! However I probably jumped the celebration gun. Because while it is over for me - it isn't over for Joe until after his shelf exam on Friday. I just got a little too excited I guess.