Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You know you are a mom when...

Buying a new carseat is all you can talk about for days at a time. Because it is just that exciting! My poor husband is so tired of hearing about Hannah's new carseat. The other night I actually showed him a picture of the carseat I ordered. And he did his best to "ooh" and "aah" over it. He even managed to muster up the enthusiasm to ask me about the "features" I really like AND if there was another from a different angle. Bless him. He tried his hardest to relate to me and my over enthusiasm about this carseat that we are yet to receive in the mail. He gets an A for effort. Because truly the only two things he cared about were: do we need a new carseat (yes!) and how is its safety rating (great!)?

And here it is in all it's advertised glory. Sadly only one angle was available:( Oh this picture reminds me...upon seeing it he exclaimed, "Nice pattern. It will be cute for Hannah but very gender neutral for the future." Let it be known that in reality he couldn't care less what Hannah's carseat looks like. But the man knows how to speak my love language! And yes I did fall even more in love with him at that moment. 

See? Don't we look so excited about the new big girl carseat?! Ok ok. The smiles were really about the good hair day we were each having! Look at that fountain on my baby girl's head...ADORABLE if I do say so myself:) A pony tail and a pretty clippy a whole year sooner than her big sister ever managed! Big stuff around here. 

Speaking of her big sister, she has been dropping some real gems lately. Mostly related to my pouch of a tummy. She likes to rub it affectionately and ask me when the baby is going to come out. So endearing for this NOT pregnant mom. The other day she told me "your tummy is so fat you can have TWO babies in there!" Thank you dear heart. Oh and this morning as I was helping her get dressed she very seriously and with slight concern informed me that "Mama you look dirty. You need to shower." I must be really letting myself go these days if my 3 year old is noticing and concerned! Aak. Time to take it easy on the secret candy stash and focus on my personal hygiene:)

Update: It arrived! Oh the excitement. 

And just because I can hardly handle all this pony tail cuteness I just have to share this one too:)


  1. My kids love when their carseats are in the house! Hours of fun. It looks nice. I hope you like it!

    1. They didn't get hours of fun out of it because I was too excited to get installed in the van! So far I am pretty happy with it. Hannah had her first ride in it this morning:) Big stuff happening around here...