Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh the irony!

Two years ago when we moved here I decided I needed to be deliberate about getting out and making friends. Because I can be quite the homebody and an introvert despite what most people assume. I had heard of the Christian organization MOPS but had never joined. So I looked it up and was excited to find a group that met every Wednesday at a church in a neighboring suburb. We were also church hunting at the time so we decided to attend that church the next Sunday.

Upon our arrival we were quickly introduced to Mrs. P, the woman in charge of the early childhood WING at the church! She made polite small talk with us as we settled our kids into the appropriate classrooms. I explained that we had just moved to the area for my husband to attend medical school. She then told me about MOPS. I excitedly responded that I was going to sign up! Under her breath she told me that if I wanted to work in the childcare at MOPS I could make a little money. I politely declined emphasizing the fact that I planned on attending! Or at least I tried to be polite but I was actually quite insulted that she just assumed I was young and broke and looking for ways to support my family. Never did she ask me what I did. I must have just looked like the barefoot & pregnant type. I wanted to tell her that actually I was a professional and had been the sole "breadwinner" for our family for the past 2 years and financially we were quite comfortable. So NO I didn't want to make a few extra dollars every week. I wanted to make friends! But I bit my tongue and smiled. 

And now two years later...well I am about to be served a big old piece of humble pie! I am no longer working. I am staying home full time with my kids. Therefore we have no breadwinner. But do you know what I do have now? Friends! Thanks to MOPS. And since I am most content just having 2 or 3 close friends, I have decided I don't really need to attend MOPS and making a few dollars would be nice. So I do want to work in the childcare every week. And guess who I have to call up Monday morning to see if they need more help?

Mrs. P! 

The irony of this situation is not lost on me. 

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