Tuesday, August 20, 2013

As I was making dinner yesterday I was able to have a much needed uninterrupted phone conversation with a friend. This wasn't your run of the mill "how's-life-what's-new-with-you" chat. No this was a "everything-in-life-is-hitting-the-fan-and-I-really-need-to-talk-to-someone-I-love-and-trust" conversation. Hannah was strapped into her high chair and happily snacking the late afternoon away. And her brother and sister were actually playing together. Getting along! It was my very own Monday miracle. 

But I knew it was too good to be true! Upon ending my conversation with a heavy heart for my friend, I found this:

Every single piece of clothing from Charlotte's dresser PLUS Isaiah's socks and undies!

They were very thorough! And then they decided to have a little more fun...

Guess who learned how to fold clothes last night?!? 

And today has just been one of those days in which nothing seems to be going right. In fact lots of little things keep going wrong. Well the hospital bill from Hannah's birth a year ago that we are still trying to sort out with the insurance company might be considered a big thing. But truly it is just money! Albeit a big sum of money:) So yeah a lot of little things that I didn't see coming that I have to sort out. Things that in the mean time are making me crabby. But then I think of my friend. And I would bet that she would LOVE for her biggest trouble right now to be figuring out an unpaid hospital bill. She would love to be crabby just because the day isn't going the way she planned and she has no more ice cream to wallow in because she ate it all last night. Or that her biggest concern is how she is going to catch up on dishes, laundry and put a hot meal on the table tonight. Yep. Suddenly my day isn't seeming so bad.

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