Wednesday, August 14, 2013

National Middle Child Day

Well it was actually yesterday. But I was too busy avoiding cleaning my floors to honor my beloved middle child on the actual "holiday"!  Who knew there was such a thing?! 

So in true middle child fashion I am going to honor her (a day late) through all the adorable things she has said recently...about her baby sister:) Because let's be honest here. All those jokes about the forgotten middle child. Well there is definitely some truth there. 

And this girl. She makes the nearly perfect middle child. Just along for the ride. Sucking her thumb. Toting her "baby". Rarely complains or makes a scene. Just happy to be included. 

And now onto the cuteness direct from the middle child herself:

Her response to Hannah crying in her crib after waking in the morning, "It's ok Hannah. You have your baby. Don't cry."

Because (sadly) in Charlotte's world all you need is a thumb and a "baby" to be happy. 

After watching Hannah rub her breakfast all over herself, "Mama, she got in a praaaadick-a-mint".

Yes. Yes. Indeed she did. 

Later after breakfast. 
C: This bath is too hot!
Me: No it's not. See Hannah is in it. 
C: Thats because she can't talk!

Touché Charlotte. Touché. 

Upon discovering her sister had a dirty diaper, "Mama, you have a problem. Hannah's poopy. Change her diaper already."

Yes ma'am!

In all seriousness this child. My middle child brings me so much joy and delight every day. Her smile lights up my world! And she can make me laugh even on my crabbiest days. Sure she can be stubborn. And quietly mischievous. She challenges my parenting on a daily basis. But I can't imagine my life without her. Her hugs and 'smoochies' are the best! And she is a great little sister and big sister. God knew exactly what He was doing when He put this girl right smack in the middle of our family. Our Charlotte Esme. Oh how I love this girl!

*"baby" in our family means tabby blanket/lovey...strange I's a loony story:)


  1. Well if she ever needs someone to commiserate with her aunt Naomi can totally understand life with a big brother and little sister!!

    1. I knew you would understand:) As she gets older I will just show her how well you turned out despite being the middle child!

  2. Oh and that is supposed to say "long story" NOT "loony story"! Nothing loony about it:)

  3. So cute! I have two kids so no middle child here. It's funny, I sometimes think about how my son would be a middle child if we had a third - then he would have had his very own day. Is there a "youngest child" day too, I wonder?

    1. You are the second person to ask me answer...isn't EVERY day youngest child day?!? Just sayin:) Oh and I am the youngest in my family!