Thursday, August 8, 2013

Piggies, Purging, Pinterest, and Puddles

What do they all have in common? Nothing really other than the fact that they all start with 'P'. And they are all topics floating around in my mind just waiting to get out...

For some unknown reason I thought it was a good idea to paint these one year old piggies for our family picture! Do you know what happens to *almost* dry nail polish after crawling across carpet? It ain't pretty:) Not to mention that painting wiggly toes is NOT easy. Pictured above is my second attempt at beautifying those already adorable piggies. We shall see how they look after nap time! I promise once upon a time I was an intelligent person with plenty of common sense. Hopefully that girl will come back...someday....

Purging. Since we are going to be moving again in the somewhat near-ish future I have decided it is time to start tossing stuff. Because really how many times can we move and store the same...err...junk! Plus I just read the entire 'Year with Less" blog. A family of 8 working on becoming minimalists...really inspiring! So any-who...back to my purge. Last week we managed to fill up our entire garbage can with JUNK plus a carload to be donated to the thrift shop. I am hoping we can make this a weekly event:) 

A couple nights ago I stayed up far too late cleaning our my bathroom and hallway cupboards. Dumped everything out on the living room floor and sorted through every single item! It was somewhat painful but mostly fabulous to consolidate and get rid of the excess and expired:) Surprisingly I was able toss my wedding lipstick without any remorse. I mean it was pretty bad color-wise a decade certainly wasn't improving with age! Yet my lip smackers from high school (maybe junior high) pulled at my heart strings and I just could NOT toss it. Ridiculous. I know. 

Which leads me to my next 'P'. Pinterest. A while back I saw this idea on Pinterest (I think?!?). 

It is play make-up for my girls. Isn't it adorable? Cleaned out make up containers filled with nail polish. Easy peasy. Plus it is pretty, girly AND completely mess free! Due to my late night bathroom purge I had everything I needed to make them. Because honestly when do I wear make-up? Ummm. Almost never.

Look! She likes it. And clearly she knows exactly how to apply make-up:) She could probably teach me a thing or two about beauty regimes. 

And last but not least...puddles. Pee puddles that is. Recently I was explaining (complaining?) to Joe that Charlotte isn't napping for very long in the afternoon anymore. Basically my biggest issue was that by the time I rocked Hannah and got her to sleep Charlotte was waking up just a few minutes later. Ok. Ok. More like 60 minutes later. But it felt like a few minutes. And I just want some extra quiet time. Selfish? Yes. 

My genius husband suggested I put Hannah down for nap first in order to maximize on Charlotte's shorter sleep time! And that is what I did today...after all the peeing ceased. Let me explain. 

After lunch Charlotte and Isaiah went into the playroom to play 'Endangered animal & hunter'. Isaiah was the animal and Charlotte was the hunter. Once she captured him (by stunning him with her water pistol) the endangered animal was 'caged' our dress up bin. So naturally ALL the dress up clothes were piled on the floor where the hunter could perch on the pile and watch her captured animal! 

There I was peacefully rocking Hannah to sleep while the big kids played. And then (of course) chaos ensued. Charlotte loudly announced that she had to go potty. So like a crazed woman I dash down the hall and plop the not sleeping baby in her crib - which she of course loved....not! Only to dash back and discover that she had already peed on every single dress-up item. Just delightful. 

Eventually calm and peace reigned again. Charlotte was cleaned up and put down for nap. Dress-up clothes were washed. Sanity returned...well somewhat;) And then while I was finally rocking Hannah to sleep she peed ALL OVER ME! 


  1. oh I shouldn't have laughed at this, as I totally feel for you! But someday I think you'll look back on this and laugh! Gotta love pee... :)

    1. Still not laughing...but someday I will:)