Saturday, August 17, 2013


That's about right! Plus I have this boy who can't aim to save his life sooooo my toilet gets scrubbed often:) And the sink? Well the blue globs of kid toothpaste drive me batty on a daily basis. 

Who knew having little kids would be the reason I have a clean bathroom?! 


  1. Hannah is really becoming quite the model baby. I guess you get use to pictures when your mom blogs! Your big kids look pretty serious about their bath time. Actually it kind of looks like a picture in an ad or magazine.

    Oh and I totally agree with this one. I love washing floors, but not the bathroom so splashing is a good motivator!

  2. Well truth be told the big kids were fighting...over their sides of the tub! I was ignoring it. Letting them sort it out:)

    And ad, huh? What should we be selling? Cheap shampoo? I have enough bottles of that around!