Friday, August 23, 2013

Another day another post...

This about sums up how we are feeling around here today. Two nights ago I stayed up way waaaaay too late. So last night I went to bed at a decent hour with the hopes of "catching up" on sleep. Which my educated self knows isn't actually possible. But I keep trying. It just wasn't meant to be. This poor girl was up barking that awful croupy cough all night. I was up with her every hour. From 4-5 AM we sat in the bathroom with the shower running. And finally after a good long while the bark-stridor cough eased up a tad and she fell back to sleep. A wheezy, restless sleep. And I finally relaxed enough to sleep myself. It was a long, sad night for both of us. 

And now if I can convince this one to take an early nap we could all get some much needed zzzzzs. I guess that is one perk of having Isaiah back in school. Nap time all around!

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