Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Grade

It was a bit hectic around here this morning. Things didn't go quite as planned. Really when do they ever?

Old peas and animal crackers and a used spoon in the peanut butter jar, really?!? I knew I should have packed his lunch last night:)
But we all made it. Isaiah has officially started his first day of FIRST GRADE! And the best part? Daddy has the day "off". Technically it is a study day (and he will be studying) but that allowed him to be involved! Yay. He did the drop off and I will do the pick up. I have to admit I felt kind of like a slacker mom not dropping him off myself. But it is so rare these days that Joe gets to be a part of these things. I let them have their moment. And from what I heard it went well. Isaiah was excited for school and they made it on time. A win for this family for sure. 

So now it is just me and the girls. I feel a little lost without my boy. And I was sadder than I thought I would be watching him leave for his first day. I kissed him (multiple times), hugged him, smiled and waved. All with that awful lump in my throat. I wasn't expecting that this year. Sure last year for kindergarten I cried like a baby. But I blamed that on my I-just-had-a-baby-two-weeks-ago-and-I-am-a-hormonal-wreck state. This year just seems so big and final. ALL day. Five days a week! 

And the girls are already lost without him. Charlotte has been a crying, whining, thumb sucking mess. And Hannah is definitely feeding off her sister's fragile emotional state and SCREAMING...a lot! Fun times all around. I know we will find our groove. We just aren't there yet. So for today we will cry and whine just a bit extra because we are missing our Isaiah Boy. 

Thankfully daddy is coming home for a lunch date with his girls! That should help our outlook greatly. 

Looky here. I did manage to make a cute photo prop for the first day...with my first grader's help!


  1. So how was the first day according to the first grader? Did lunch with dad help the ones left behind?

    1. He LOVES first grade! He says it is WAY BETTER than kindergarten and every day he is excited to go to school. Although he does miss having lots of play time at home:)

      The lunch date did not please Charlotte. She wanted a kayaking date...totally her idea! Thus the kayaking trip on Sunday. I however enjoyed having him home for lunch:)