Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stranger danger.

Joe recently read an article about kids reactions to strangers. The experiment included 20 young-ish children. All of whom were brought to a playground by their parents. Before going to the playground the parents had a discussion with their kids about strangers and the importance of NOT trusting them. Once at the playground the children were approached by a "stranger" (with a dog...I believe...I didn't actually read the study...Joe did...). The stranger asked the child for help feeding the dog. And 7 out of 20 of these recently stranger danger educated kids WENT WITH THE STRANGER! That's 35%. 

Soooo Joe decided to educate our children on the dangers of strangers. He had a lengthy discussion with them about who strangers are and the importance of telling mommy or daddy if you are approached by a stranger and most importantly to NEVER go anywhere with a stranger. All very age appropriate stuff. And very very important life lessons we want our kids to learn the easy way!

At the end of his "lesson" he asked the kids what they would do if a stranger told them they could have candy if they went with him/her. Charlotte enthusiastically responded, "I go with stranger. I eat ALL the candy! Nom nom nom!!!" That was a complete and utter FAIL. 

Isaiah on the other hand seemed to grasp the concept a little better. He confidently stated that he would NOT eat the candy. He was even able to explain to us who a stranger is. Anyone we don't know:)

I guess we will just keep educating these kids. And pray for God's protection and guidance over them. That's really all we can do!

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