Thursday, August 29, 2013

It has started...

Today Charlotte picked out her outfit and dressed herself. Which is a pretty common occurrence around here. She learned this invaluable skill sometime this summer. BUT today she got creative with her outfit!

She rebelled against my neatly arranged "sets" and created her own unique combination. When she saw this picture she pointed to all the different purple clothing items (including the snap bracelet) and proudly declared, "match, match, match, match, match!" Well kind of, sweetheart. And YES I allowed her out in public like this. For a couple of reasons. First, we were running late this morning (surprise!) and there was no time to change. And more importantly, though it pains me a little, I know it is important for her to learn independence and to feel proud of her (good) decisions. So I smiled and agreed that indeed she had "matched" her purples. 

Later she decided to accessorize with her sister's too small PURPLE headband.

Honestly I am surprised it has taken her this long to buck the system. Isaiah was picking out his own unique combinations at two years old. And quite frankly his outfits were far worse! The boy insisted on wearing one blue shoe with a blue sock and one camo shoe with a camo sock! Oh and his head gear was either: his bike helmet or swim goggles. No bike or pool required:)


So it begins again. The I-can-do-it-myself and I-know-better-than-mom stage. My baby is growing up. She is cutting the apron little thread at a time.  And I will embrace it (with a slightly pained smile on my face) because I know it is good for her. She is growing and learning just as she should. 

That being said, I do at times put my foot down and tell my children what to wear. Like on Sundays for church. Or holidays and special events. But even then I typically give them two acceptable outfits to choose from. And if they want to accessorize...then so be it! Because I am not about to make the clothing mole hill into a mountain! I have enough battles to fight and this is not one of them. 

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