Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bachelorette fun:)

How you know you invited the wrong girl to your bachelorette party:

A. She plans on bringing her baby.
B. She has no fashion sense and relies on Facebook to advise her on her party attire.
C. She has to borrow her purse from her 2 year old daughter and then has NO idea what to pack in the purse. (She decided on a hair pick and lip gloss but could not find lip gloss so at the last minute threw in some fruit snacks for good measure.)
D. She discovers spit up on her black cardigan while at the party:)
E. She makes it blatantly obvious that she has no life by blathering on about her kids (and blogs...) during the party!
F. She NEVER drinks alcohol and makes it clear she shouldn't have been served any. (Sorry)
G. She suggests garage sales and the candy store as appropriate bachelorette party activities.
H. By the end of the party she wishes she had brought the baby (...or her pump).
I. She has toy money but no real cash. Oops.

Yep, I was that girl! But thankfully I have the best friends who love and accept me and all my fuddy duddy mom ways:)

It turned out to be a very memorable night. Let's just call it my last hurrah of my 20s! Ok honestly I think it was my only hurrah of my 20s. Definitely a night to remember!

All in all I would say it was a fabulous 23 kid-free hours!

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