Friday, May 17, 2013

The Beach

I didn't get my shower or change into my big girl pants during naptime yesterday. Because a certain Little Miss decided to boycott nap + it was a no school day for Isaiah {which I discovered after loading all 3 kids into the van and drove them to the school and unloaded them all at the school!} Oops. But Charlotte napped. Yay! Because when that girl doesn't sleep she gets slap happy. Which sounds delightful BUT a laughing literally slapping 2 year old isn't actually that fun to be around!

Back to the subject at hand. Despite my lack of personal hygiene I did manage to turn my bad attitude around (which was the real problem yesterday). And the kids and I had a delightful time at the beach. Lunchables and all:)

As for the evening? Well some stories are best left untold. 

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