Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Day in Our Life, volume 2 (part 2)

The long awaited part 2 of 'A Day in Our Life'.

See part 1 here.

So where were we? Oh yes, picking Isaiah up from school! Unfortunately it rained even more on our 1.2 mile walk home.  And even more unfortunate is the fact that I did NOT get a picture of our soggy selves schlepping home with 4 strollers and 7 hungry wet children. We were quite the sight as we attempted to hurry home pushing strollers and holding multiple umbrellas...

12:20 pm - Attempting to prepare lunch QUICKLY.

12:24 pm - I sent everyone downstairs to play...clearly they were being tortured:) 

12:50 pm - Lunch is served! Prayers said.

12:56 pm - The moms get to eat too. The tortellini was a big hit!

1:44 pm - UH OH! Someone didn't make it to the potty chair...

1:45 pm - Isaiah to the rescue! (Not really. I cleaned it up. A mom can dream though.)

1:50 pm - Finally get back to the diapers!

1:55 pm - Pre-nap story time.
2:30 pm - The kids are napping! Instead of resting we decide to re-arrange my furniture...
3:27 pm - Still moving furniture...
4:11 pm - Let the games begin...again!
4:11 pm - Caught playing on my phone...not supervising the baby.
YES - that couch is back to exactly where it started! At least the chair moved:)

4:17 pm - Another cute napper wakes up.

4:39 pm - Poor neglected babies.
4:59 pm - Dinner is in the oven!

And thats all she wrote...for now...stay tuned.

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  1. Update: my computer is NOT in it won't turn on:( So don't hold your breathe for the third installment. Ugh.