Sunday, May 5, 2013

Target, again.

Saturday morning at the crack of day I took the kids to Target for a few essential grocery items. I promised that if they were well behaved we would check out the toy section. To "plan" which toys to buy in the future...

And much to my great pleasure (and just a little surprise) they did great! So off to the toy section we trotted. Ok no one was really trotting. Hannah and Charlotte were riding in the cart while Isaiah led the way.

We were in one of those really, really wide aisles in Target. Ya know the ones that run down the center of the store parallel to the front wall?!? Regardless, it was quite spacious.

Isaiah was walking about 10 feet ahead of me with his head down trying to avoid stepping on cracks while at the same time maintaining a quick pace. Toys were waiting to be looked at:) He was also walking down the "wrong" side of the aisle.

A lady was walking towards us. She and Isaiah were clearly going to collide. I called out for Isaiah to stop. He didn't. And she refused to move until the very last second even though she was clearly aware of the impending crash!

And then as she passed me she muttered under her breath "(non G-rated word). Control the children!" Message received.

Immediately all the joy of successfully shopping with my children left. Replaced by anger and embarrassment and frustration. In under 30 seconds I went from feeling proud of my children and enjoying their company to feeling like a floundering, failing parent.

Her words and her delivery of those words were like a punch to the gut. Like having the wind knocked out of me. Tears threatened to well over in my eyes.

I immediately spoke to Isaiah about the importance of listening for mom's voice. He apologized and said he didn't hear me because he was trying really hard to NOT step on the cracks. He didn't want to break my back. His words were sincere.

And yet I was still so frustrated. I sent Joe a text explaining the situation. And initially he commiserated with me over the rude words. He ended our "conversation" by reminding me that we don't know what is going on in her life and maybe, just maybe there is a lot of hurt and pain for her ~ especially in regards to children.

So instead of finding her and chewing her out...which I really wanted to do...I prayed for her. I prayed that God would meet her where she is and heal any wounds she may have.

And then I vowed to never bring the kids to Target again:) We will see how long that lasts...


  1. This one brought years to my eyes. What a wonderful reminder.

    1. I assume you mean *tears*:)
      I am thankful Joe could have the correct perspective...because in the moment I was just mad and sad!

  2. Oh Bear! So sad that happened, but amazed at how you handled it!!

    1. It was just one of those ugly moments as a mom...and one that took me completely by surprise!