Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sick days

That little vomit inducing illness that scared away our company last week has been like the gift that keeps on giving here in our little one bathroom abode. Fortunately our company was able to avoid it. Unfortunately we have NOT.

The nitty gritty rundown (that no one really wants to know but I am sharing anyways):
Day 1: Charlotte
Day 3: Isaiah (or so we thought)
Day 4: Hannah
Day 5: Me & Joe

Yep. We the caregivers got sick THE SAME DAY. Take a moment and let that sink in. Basically our parenting was AWFUL for a full 24 hours. I mean so bad I swore we were DONE having babies. And anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE having babies. Ok well not the actual having them part but I digress...

Thankfully we had laundry baskets and Popsicle sticks to occupy the children! I kid you not these two played for an entire evening with these two items. I watched it with my own eyes and could hardly believe it. I mean we have an entire house FULL of toys and they played with laundry baskets and Popsicle sticks?!? It is like the old "the box is better than the gift conundrum" I guess. This sick mama wasn't about to question their logic. Play on children. Play on and please do not kill each other. Thank you.

So yesterday when we were invited to a playdate at the park I immediately and happily accepted. An opportunity to get out. And have fun. And be a better parent! The kids played happily for HOURS! Three hours to be exact. It was glorious.

And bedtime went great. Without a hitch. The kids fell right asleep. All that fresh air, sunshine and fun had done them well. Then during my final check on the sleeping kids before I went to bed, I found Isaiah moaning. Uh oh. Day # forever and ever without end in sight. He was in a puddle of his own vomit...sound asleep Yuck. And poor guy:(

So now we are properly quarantined at home with no end in sight. And to those NINE little friends (plus their mamas) that we played with yesterday at the park...SORRY. I sure hope we did not pass on the gift that keeps on giving. And if we did I promise to come over armed with bleach wipes, saltines and 7up. Unless of course you don't want me in your house. And for that I would completely understand!

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  1. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. It sounds horrible. I hope that the sunshine killed all those germs otherwise you are going to be in high demand.