Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another update.

This is going to be kind of random and probably boring. Consider yourself warned. But it is the best I can do. Plus some people requested an update...

Joe & I were able to get away for our anniversary. It was fabulously relaxed and low key and CHILD FREE for 21 hours...but whos counting right?!  Due to my mom needing to get a visa for China (which needs to be applied for in NYC, San Franscico or Chicago) the kids and grandparents joined us for the beginning and end of the getaway. We just couldn't get away! When we celebrate our next decade of marriage we are going further away so they can't find us! I am kidding. It was a great time with and without the kids. 

We saw Navy Pier (including a ferris wheel ride & boat tour), walked the Magnificent Mile, enjoyed Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain and attempted to enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago. Apparently it isn't "our thing". We liked watching the people more than the art. Oops! And we may have accidently sat on the ledge of one of the displays wrongly assuming it was a bench...

Joe managed to squeeze in a little study time (which was part of the plan). The Chicago Public Library is AMAZING and beautiful! I snuck off to see the children's area...clearly one day is too long for me to be apart from my kids:)

Alright enough about that. Now on to the real update. Charlotte's bum. Don't worry no pictures for this update. Short version: it is getting better. 

Long version: The packing was being removed slowly. 1 inch. Then 2 inches. Until this morning. It unpacked itself during the night! All 11 inches of packing sitting in her diaper. Oh my! Now we are left with a slightly gaping incision which is still draining...just a little. The redness is almost gone. And her only complaint? The tape that holds on the gauze. She has come to accept the "diaper bandaid" as well as the nasty tasting antibiotic. My biggest complaint? Trying to keep the area clean when she uses the bathroom. I will leave that to your imagination. You are welcome!

The doctor was happy with her progress and didn't want to repack it. So we are just doing the same old same old. Gauze & tape. And waiting. And rechecking in a couple days. Hopefully when it is done draining and she completes the antibiotics (Monday!) we can steri strip it closed so it isn't so gaping...I mean the poor girl is going to want to ride her trike and swim this summer. Neither of which she can do at this point. 

Just legs. No bums. A promise is a promise!

*Completely unrelated...but doesn't that first picture of me and the girls just scream "MOM"?!  How did I become such a mom? And here I thought (when I was planning the outfit) it said "fun tourist in the city". Jokes on me:)


  1. The first picture does scream mom, but the last picture you look like you are 20.

    1. Ooh 20! I like that! But the fact that I planned such a "mom" outfit when I was trying not to...well that is just sad:(