Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Started out lovely! The kids showered me with the form of sleeping in (while they played Hi Ho Cherry-O), homemade cards, hugs & kisses, a smoothie and an uninterrupted shower! Oh yes, plus new hot rollers. 
Then we headed to church. Late. My fault of course. But I just had to try out the new curlers! And by some miracle my hair was actually curly. Amazing!

Isaiah went on stage for the Mother's Day song. Saying he sang the song would be giving him far too much credit. However he did smile at me sweetly a few times. We have the whole thing on video. A thrilling 2 minutes I am sure:)

On our way home we stopped at the park and went on an "adventure" (i.e. we walked the path down to Lake Michigan). Due to the 50 degree temperatures and our lack of jackets we didn't stay long.

Joe was gone all afternoon studying (only one more month until Step 1!). Charlotte decided to boycott nap. And that is where we fell apart! She even colored her tongue. Very thorough.

Her solution for marker face? An entire bottle of baby shampoo in the bath tub! After which I was D.O.N.E. Thankfully the better parent came home minutes later and made us all dinner (frozen pizza!) and promised a pre-bedtime family movie night.

At dinner Isaiah prayed, "Please help mommy feel better and help her not be so lazy."

Mom of the Year. Most definitely. I will sit back, put my feet up and sip my Pepsi while I wait for my award to arrive.


  1. Has Isaiah's prayer helped?!?

    It sounds very eventful at your house. Our day might have been the exact opposite for once.

    I really want to know what your card said and what Isaiah wrote in school. Call me when you can!

    1. I forgot to add my bit about the looks like the new ones work a little better?!? This could change things for you!

    2. Yes the curlers worked better, but I also used product. So that may have skewed things a bit:) Still planning on chopping it though!

      I was going to include what the card said and forgot...maybe I will add that now:)