Friday, November 21, 2014

Interview Season - Halfway Done!

Today marks the halfway point for residency interview season for Joe! Wahoo!!! Halfway through his interviews. 9 done. 9 to go. Not halfway as far as time is concerned. Interviews go through January for emergency medicine. So we still have a few months to go. But the good news is this means the next 9 are much more spread out. Plus the BEST news is that Joe is on his way home RIGHT NOW!! So from now on he will be home with us [except when traveling for interviews] until this baby arrives!!!

I thought I would do a little rundown of interview season so far...

9 residency interviews in 4 different states. (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio) 7 pre-interview socials. 7 hotel stays. 1 overnight with friends. 1 overnight with extremely kind strangers. 1 babysitting gig (for the friends). And 4,368 miles on the road. All in the past 6 weeks. Plus just for fun Joe completed a 4 week emergency medicine rotation AND another boards exam [Step 2 CS] during this time frame. Ok. Not for fun. He did those because they are required to graduate.

Meanwhile back at our home base, I have done 30+ bedtimes. And 30+ nap times. A 100+ mealtimes. Dozens of bath times. Oodles and oodles of school drop offs and pickups by myself. And half a dozen family gatherings without Joe. To say I am ready to have my husband home is a MAJOR understatement. I am tired. I miss him. The kids miss him. [Everytime Hannah talks to daddy on the phone she tells him to come home in 2 minutes!] We miss being a family together. I know we chose this life (and most of the time I love it!) but sometimes it's long and hard and tiring. Or maybe that's just being in my third trimester of my fourth pregnancy:) Either way, I am happy to be at this point. It feels good and worthy of mentioning. 

We are halfway there. And I like that. 

Coincidentally next month will mark the halfway point of Joe's medical training (if everything continues as planned).

4 years of medical school + 3 years of residency = 7 years total. 

And next month will be 3.5 years since he started medical school. Halfway to the finish line. Ok. Scratch that. That sounds far too depressing. Let's stick with only 6 months until Joe graduates and is DONE with medical school. That sounds more exciting and DOABLE. 

And now I must stop analyzing it all. Just stop and enjoy the fact that soon we will all be under one roof again. And that is good news indeed. 

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