Monday, November 3, 2014

A brief weekend recap

Pretty amazing, right?! Not ^that picture. That picture is AWFUL. (But Joe swears it's the best one we took yesterday. Apparently I am incredibly unphotogenic. Either that or my husband is mean and withholding the flattering pictures.) But the fact that we were able to spend a couple hours together...THAT was amazing and completely unexpected and a very last minute change in both of our schedules. And mostly wonderful!  

Long story short. On Friday Joe scheduled an interview for today. Said interview is only a few hours away from my parents' house. My dad immediately offered to watch the kids so I could attend the pre-interview social the night before (ie last night). I declined. Then accepted. Then asked Joe if he would even want me to attend...he did!!! (Which I thought was incredibly generous considering my behavior before his first interview). 

So I went. I only criticized Joe's shoes this time...not his entire outfit:) We ate and chatted and learned about this residency program and enjoyed each other's company. And my dad very bravely took on our three children by himself - and they all lived! 

So that was fun. And good. And now the three weeks until Joe returns to us doesn't feel quite so long. 

I guess that really was the "short story made long" version. 

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