Wednesday, November 5, 2014

26 weeks

26 weeks with baby #4...yet to be named despite my attempts to coerce Joe into naming him BEFORE birth! Not likely to happen. All our babies have been named after birth thus far. Why break with tradition this late in the game?!

And 28 weeks with baby #3 otherwise known as Hannah. (My options were 24 or 28 weeks. I chose the latter because in truth I am actually nearly 27 weeks in the baby #4 picture. Although for purely vain reasons I would have rather included the 24 week hair and outfit were much cuter in that one! But accuracy won out over vanity.)

And 7 months (or 27ish weeks) with baby #2 otherwise known as Charlotte. (Look at how cute and little Isaiah was!!! Where did my baby boy go?!?)

And as a bonus...20-something weeks with baby #1...more commonly known as Isaiah. Sorry I don't know the exact gestation. I wasn't a ridiculously anal documenter back then! Ahhh to be so young and carefree. Not to Mexico! Those were the days.

These picture comparisons are making me realize/see how old I have become over the past 8 years! Aack. It's best to just focus on the kids. Because WOW how they have grown and changed. Look at Charlotte...she has hair! And Isaiah is nearly up to my shoulders now. And in his first picture he could practically fit under my belly. Why do they grow up so fast?! 

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