Sunday, November 16, 2014

a baby & a game of quarters

Remember that gorgeous pinterest-worthy wedding I was in last summer? Not this past summer but the summer before. Well my cousin...the new mom came from Texas to Minnesota and braved all our cold and snow!! And she even brought her new baby (and husband!) along too. My girls have absolutely LOVED getting to practice holding baby. And thankfully baby Logan tolerated all of their attention pretty well...

Most of the time:)

Ah. Much better! The first word out of Hannah's mouth when she "held" him for the first time was "HEAVY!"  He's a healthy boy. 

Apparently his hand was so interesting that they forgot about his head...

Oops! Don't worry he was never dropped or seriously injured. 

I had a BLAST sneaking in three separate visits with that little boy and his momma. Such a treat. However clearance shoe shopping just didn't grab his attention like it did ours...


Now hang with me for a second as I go on a bit of a tangent here. Saturday night while we were hanging out at my cousin's in-laws' place Isaiah found a quarter. He then began a rousing game of spin the quarter by himself. Which led to him tallying up heads vs tails. Somehow despite the fact that I was not interacting with him this morphed into a game of mom vs Isaiah. I was heads. He was tails. When we left Saturday night I was winning (without ever actually spinning the kind of game!). 

When Isaiah woke up this morning he found a new quarter and continued "our game". But before he started he announced the prizes for the winner. If he won he would get to stay up an hour later at bedtime. And if I won I would get an hour by myself. (How sweet is that?! Or is it sad that my seven year old knows that the thing I want most is time alone?! I am going with sweet.) So as "we" played this game I took the girls downstairs to get dressed for church and Isaiah continued to spin the quarter and tally. 

I use the term "getting dressed" loosely because not one of us was actually dressed or even close to being dressed 10 minutes later when Isaiah came down to announce the winner. Charlotte still fully pajama-clad had 4 dresses spread out on the bed and was trying to discuss with me the pros and cons of each. (Mind you they were 4 nearly identical corduroy clearly much to debate!) At the same moment Hannah was in a diaper...a very WET overnight diaper...with a pair of tights...two sizes too big...dangling off her legs and a dress around her neck and she was screaming and thrashing about. Isaiah instead of his usual "Mom. Mom. MOOOOM!" To get my attention very sweetly tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me mom. I can see you are busy now but I just wanted to tell you that I won our game." And quietly left allowing me to continue my dressing battle with his sisters. 

(Old, recycled picture. Sorry.)

But seriously. This kid. He just amazes me these days. He's turning out so well...despite me. He is so grown up and mature. It just completely catches me off guard. I am so accustomed to constant neediness and demands and emotional lability that I just can't believe I have a KID. A kid big enough to entertain himself and be polite and considerate. That he thinks of me from time to's just...nice. And reassuring. I can see why people like having big kids. 

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