Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Mullet 2.0

Hannah's hair has been driving me bonkers lately! Don't get me wrong I love, love, LOVE the fact that she has hair (considering her big sister was bald FOREVER). But it's just at this terribly awkward stage. And I so badly want to get it cut. But then I remember I am poor and cheap so I just ignore it for one more day. I pretend the baby mullet is adorable. And I tell myself those are just baby curls NOT a rat tail growing on the back of my baby's head...
Clearly I am delusional! And today was the day I woke up and realized it. Today was the day I gave Hannah her first haircut....because while I am no longer delusional I am still poor and cheap. Too cheap for the salon when I own scissors:)

I had grand plans of REALLY cutting her hair. As in giving her a "bob". I even pulled out the hair cutting cape! So official. Hannah definitely felt special wearing it. And then I chickened out. I mean those are my baby's first could I just chop them all off?!?

I couldn't. So she got a trim instead. 

Seriously mom? I can't even tell you cut anything!

I know. I know. It looks almost exactly the same. But it was still a BIG moment in my life. And here is the proof that I really did cut some hair off...

And that concludes what I assumed was the least monumental hair cutting post ever written. But then I remembered this post I wrote about the original baby mullet. Basically the same story two years later (except this time there were no treats doled out for cooperation). Apparently my life is very redundant. 

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