Monday, November 17, 2014

dozens of cousins

Remember this fun family of mine?!? Well my amazing and extremely brave sister-in-law drove her crew of kids from Montana to Minnesota to spend time with family. Which means my kids got to spend ALL DAY Sunday with their cousins! 5 cousins to be exact. Not exactly dozens. But it kinda felt that way when they were all running around here playing. 8 kids ages 10 and under can do A LOT of playing. Thankfully some of that playing time was spent outside:) The fact that Grandpa and Grandma have a small sledding hill in their's the best!

How Hannah sees anything with all that hair in her eyes...I will never understand. Someone should probably do something about that.

The after math...

LOTS of wet, cold snow gear!

Seriously someone should do something about
all that hair in that child's eyes! Ridiculousness.

And we couldn't forget about the next set of cousins...

Seriously?! Why am I always HUGE compared to every other pregnant lady?! I am only 4 weeks ahead of my sister-in-law! Story of my (pregnant) life. The last time we were pregnant at the same time was 8 years ago. Oh and this is the only time my sister, sister-in-law and I have all been pregnant at the same time. Which is kind of amazing considering between the three of us there have been/will be 14 grandchildren born in a 10 year span! Of course we don't have a single picture of us all pregnant together...but still a fun little factoid. 

P.S. In case it wasn't obvious from the picture baby boy is growing "fine and dandy" according to the ultrasound today! Placental lake is getting smaller and baby is getting bigger. Yay! He is at the 77th percentile for size so approximately 3 pounds. AND he is head down. As in head very far down...locked and to speak:)  It isn't just my imagination. I am getting kind of tired of all these extra ultrasounds (mostly because they take me away from my kids and take effort to coordinate) BUT seeing this adorable face made my day...

And yes I realize it's hard to visualize. But squint a little and you might just see him:) Hint: the big white spot is his cheek and just above it is his eye and to the right/slightly below it is his nose. It's a 2D close up of his face.  

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