Friday, November 7, 2014

Rude Awakenings.

[[I am 99% positive that ^THAT is a recycled (and very un-original) title. But I am too lazy to check so let's just roll with it. Thanks.]]

In the past week I have experienced too many rude awakenings. Mostly they are rude because they come in the form of being woken far too early for my sleep-loving preferences. 

One of these early mornings was compliments of my dad and his dog stomping and barking (just the dog thankfully:) in the kitchen which unfortunately is directly above my room. I had not slept well that night - compliments of really bizarre pregnancy dreams + aching hips & back - so I was less than pleased to be up early. I was even less pleased when ALL of my children woke up from the commotion as well. Needless to say my dad (and his dog) felt my sleep deprived wrath that morning! I didn't hold back on telling him exactly how I felt about barking dogs before sunrise. (All was forgiven when he chipped in to buy pizza for dinner that night. Apparently I can be bought off.)

But mostly my early (and therefore rude) awakenings are compliments of two certain little girls I know and love. Typically the complaint is a bad dream and needing a snuggle. The snuggle I can comply with. But the requests to "Open mommy eye. Get up. Feed me." Those are too much for me to handle before 7 AM. To add insult to injury, Charlotte has had some real zingers for me first thing in the morning. Like today when she told me I looked like a hippo. Yikes! I know I am getting big but a hippo?! Really? Ok then. Might be time to lay off the Halloween candy. 

The other morning she pointed to my lower leg and asked "what's that?"  I stated the obvious (my calf muscle) but she wasn't satisfied. She wanted to know why it looked like that. To clarify she went on to ask why my calf is all BLUBBERY when hers is not. I tried to explain that it is my muscle, but she insisted it was "blubber". Again time to control my eating habits. Got it. 

My sweetheart of a child made sure to photograph me in all of my sleep-deprived, blubbery hippo-like glory this morning. She's nice like that. 

Honestly, I thought all these claims of "bad dreams" were just a hoax. Her way of getting into my bed AND getting sympathy. But then the other morning she described one of her dreams IN GREAT DETAIL. And YIKES. The length of her dream was (slightly) painful to listen to but more was SCARY! 

Here is the synopsis:

Joe & I were gone. Charlotte & her siblings were at home with Grandma & Grandpa. A bee came into the house and told everyone robots were coming and these robots were going to take their hearts apart! Everyone hid. Charlotte alone. Grandma with Hannah. Grandpa with Isaiah. The robots found Charlotte (because she didn't have enough time to find a good hiding place!). Charlotte told the robots where Isaiah & Grandpa were hiding...

Yep she totally sacrificed her big brother & Grandpa! But can you blame her?! Poor forgotten middle child:) 


  1. Your blog keeps eating my comments ;). Hopefully this one works... This post totally made me lol. Love your blog!

    1. Sorry I HATE that my blog does that! And I really hate that I don't know how to fix it:) You are too can we get together in person so you can assure me I don't actually look like a hippo?!?