Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello Third Trimester!

Seriously? Where did the past 27 weeks go?! They flew by! Well not weeks 8 - 15. Those were miserable and dragged on and on and on and on and on. But I have almost managed to block that time period from my memory. Almost. Kinda like my disappearing feet...I still sorta remember they are there but mostly not:)

Not much to report on the pregnancy front. I am still pregnant. Growing larger by the day. Which subsequently means I am moving slower by the day as well. This baby (who is still nameless despite my best efforts to force Joe to pick a name already!) is a kicker. Not so much a mover or a roller, but definitely a kicker!! And at this point I still LOVE all the kicks and jabs. Such a fun feeling.  Give me a few weeks and I might be singing a new tune...

Next Monday I have my repeat ultrasound. To check on my placental lake and baby's growth (and hopefully not lack thereof). Oh and my glucose test. Yuck! Mostly I am curious to find out if baby has moved to a head down position because it sure feels like it! Lots and lots of pressure these days. 

Other highlights from our week...

On Monday winter arrived in Minnesota! It snowed ALL DAY LONG and most of the night too. My very non-precise estimate would be that we now have 3-5 inches of snow on the ground. The kids LOVED it! I have tolerated it. We of course have done all sorts of wintery activities since the first snow fall. 

Sledding. And snow ball fights. Snowman building. Eating (clean!) snow.  Shoveling (mostly my dad). And slipping and sliding...both while walking and driving! 

Which led us right into drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. So of course the children had to write their letters to Santa already...

Yes, Charlotte's first request is toilet paper. Let's just say someone hasn't learned to use an appropriate amount. She feels as though 1/4 of a roll is necessary to get the job done. Needless to say when I saw on Facebook that my cousin's 4 year old daughter only wants "God's greatest gift" for Christmas I felt like a failure as mother. Toilet paper. God's greatest gift. Universes apart! 

Tuesday happened. Nothing terribly noteworthy. More snow. More of me breaking into a sweat as I spent 30 minutes bundling children. More sledding. And then 5 minutes later I was freezing as I rescued a stranded 2 year old in the snow. The snow was "hurting" her as snow tends to do if you take off your mittens and play with it!

Wednesday I got to go see this guy...

for another pre-interview dinner. This time in Wisconsin (in case the picture didn't make it explicitly obvious:). And I didn't critique a single part of his outfit.  I am learning...slowly. My parents graciously watched the children. (Thanks parents!) And that is probably THE last picture Joe will text me. He just loves when I use his texts on the blog without his permission. Oh well. In one short (long?) week he will be back with us and I can snap all the candid shots of him I want! 4 more interviews, 1 board exam and 6 days. That's all that stands in between us being together!!!

Thursday and Friday were exciting as well but I will save all that fun for another post. 


  1. Good luck with your ultrasound and glucose test! :)

    Your kids' letters to Santa are adorable. My daughter told Santa she wanted "Nothing, because I have so much crap already. Ok, maybe a dollhouse." Lol.

    1. Ha! Kids. I wish mine realized they have enough crap already:)

      And I passed! Yippee.