Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Remember a long time ago when I made grand promises of sharing even more Montana pictures...and then I never did?! Yeah, me too. Vaguely. Oops. Sorry.

Today is the day I am making good on that promise. Be warned...there will be many, many pictures and very few words. As I mentioned earlier, the first part of our Montana trip was staying at my brother's house with his lovely family...

Seriously, what a good looking family! I snapped this picture as we were leaving...they all drove us out to the van and waved goodbye. Just a fun candid shot.  But first lets back up a bit. The week with them was a blast! Cousins playing and running free in the country (so unlike what I am accustomed to!). My kids loved all the playmates and mud and wide open spaces. Oh and all the good food. My sister-in-law sure knows how to feed a crowd. And we were lucky enough to be there to celebrate the youngest cousin's first birthday! That was a treat.

This last picture was all Charlotte's idea. She is her mother's daughter...

After our fun week with family, my kids, my parents and I headed over to camp for Labor Day Weekend Family Camp! Its a family tradition. My parents have attended every year since I was an's alotta years:) I hadn't been there since Isaiah was one. Needless to say, I was VERY excited to be back. And to introduce my children to one of my favorite places. (And it did not disappoint. Not in the least.)

Have you heard the cliche about having a child is to have your heart outside of your body? Or something like that?! Well let me tell you, watching your two year old go on a 500 foot zipline that is 40 feet in the air brings a whole new meaning to that phrase! She loved it! And was completely safe. Harnessed in with my mom. But still...6 seconds of pure terror for me.

I realize that Hannah looks terrified in that picture AND it doesn't look very scary. She was apprehensive beforehand, but LOVED it. She still talks about "flying fast. blue hat. Grandma."! Oh and it is scary...these pictures just don't show it well because it was dark. Here are some better examples with my big kids on the zipline. (Also scary to watch, but again they loved it! Seriously Isaiah went 9 times in a row one day!)

Charlotte went down the zipline with Grandma one time. After that she did it three times by herself! While I was still nervous, I was also very proud of her bravery.

It took a little convincing but each of my children also went off the big swing (a couple times each!). This was my favorite activity as a camper and had I not been pregnant I would have been swinging right along with them. Maybe next year:)  Hannah definitely enjoyed this activity the most out of all my kids. That girl loves a good swing!

Some other camp highlights for the kids included the climbing tower, "pony" rides, painting in the craft shop and the high ropes course for Isaiah. I mostly chased after children. I think my favorite was meal times...I take "eating for two" very serious. 

One of the staff members at camp asked Isaiah if he was fearless. His response "when I have a harness on!" I was SHOCKED at all the activities Isaiah participated in. He isn't known for being a daredevil, so I assumed he would keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. Ha! He proved me wrong. He was the youngest camper at family camp to do the high ropes course. Just when you think you know your kids well...they go and do something completely new/different:)

Somehow I didn't get an actual "family" picture at family camp. Erg. I guess we will just have to go back next year! Too bad no one had any fun...;)

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