Friday, August 22, 2014

nothing but the truth

So much for a blogging hiatus...I just can't stay away:)

There are a few things that I feel the need to set the record straight about. Declarations that I have made and for one reason or another have not stayed true to those words.

For starters, Hannah is no longer in underwear. She is in diapers. Disposable diapers. She was doing good in underwear. Good. NOT great. I on the other hand was not doing well. Potty training and getting ready to move. It was too much! So I put away the underwear and gave myself permission to use diapers. Best decision I made all summer. Now I just hope I didn't set her and I up for failure for future potty training. Time will tell.

Confession #2: Isaiah is enrolled in public school in Minnesota for this (quickly!) upcoming school year. I will NOT be homeschooling him this year. Mostly this decision was made based upon the way Joe's schedule came together for his year. He will be home with us more than he will be gone (or at least we think so at this time). And secondly it was a decision we made based on this fact...

So yeah. That puts me at sixteen weeks. Yikes. Sorry for the 12 weeks of deception. But until I had the chance to hear baby I just couldn't tell:) I am a worrier like that. And being a nomad isn't exactly conducive to regular prenatal OB clinic visits. But today I made into the clinic and heard the most lovely 145 beats/minute swooshing via Doppler. Seriously the BEST sound ever! Thus the delayed announcement.

That is also the reason I have not been making any full body appearances lately...

Yes, Isaiah is giving me the stink eye. Probably because of the terrible haircut I made him endure. The only fix for that one was a buzz cut. He refused. Hence the terrible hair pictured above. Sorry buddy. And yes you too are allowed to give me the stink eye. I deserve it for being so deceptive for so long!

So there it is. The truth. The whole truth. I feel better having shared. Feels good to come clean. 


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    1. Thank you! We completely agree - especially now that my nausea & fatigue are done!