Friday, August 15, 2014

On being nomads.

It's all fun and games until...

Until heads collide and ice packs are needed...

Ok. Those ^were completely unrelated. Just cute. Too cute not to share. 

One of the great things about living somewhere temporarily is the ability to be anonymous ALL THE TIME. Seriously I can go anywhere, anytime and not see a single person I know. Because I don't know ANYONE here. There's a freedom in that knowledge. Especially when my children are acting like...well...mischevious or defiant or rude children in public. It's just not that embarrassing. I mean I could go out in my pajamas with all my children in their pajamas in middle of the afternoon and who would care? NO ONE! I don't do that. I have some standards after all. But I could if I wanted to.

On the flip side, knowing no one can make life a little more challenging. For example, when my kids want to get together with friends to play who do we call? No one. We go to the park and hope there are some friendly kids there:) Yes we are that awkward stalker-ish family at the playground. Thankfully most of the time it works and we haven't scared anyone off yet:) Although I did overhear Isaiah explaining to a playground "friend" last night that he moves to a new state every month so his dad can become a doctor. I am sure that made NO sense to his little playmate. 

Not knowing where anything is in town is sort of a hassle. Think grocery stores and Walmart and such. But I can't really complain as my phone usually guides me in the right direction. Last week when I went out in search of a birthday cake for Hannah, I pulled up to a Meijer's. Which I assumed was a grocery store. So I was just a tad surprised when I walked in and saw this...

Not very grocery store-ish! Not what I was expecting at all. Which basically sums up much of my experience these past seven weeks. I have these expectations of our new town (even when I thought I was coming in without expectations!). Expectations of what our experience will be like. These expectations often leave me disappointed when the reality is doesn't match my hopes and dreams. 

However after a little exploration I discovered there is a grocery store within Meijer's! Not what I was expecting. Better than my expectations. Because who doesn't like browsing clearance clothing racks AND picking up a birthday cake all at one location?! And that's the thing, once I have allowed myself to truly be expectation-free I have enjoyed both of the new towns we have resided in. Why can't I just be expectation-free from the beginning? 


  1. Oh. And if you have not eaten Jet's pizza yet, you MUSt eat at least one square Jet's pizza. And BetterMade BBQ potato chips.

    1. Sorry I failed you on ALL accounts. But I am going to blame this pregnancy. I have had some pretty strong food aversions during the first trimester and pizza was on of those things! Smelled and looked good, but if I tried to eat it I would gag. Sad but true:(

  2. What happened? I also posted a comment saying that Anthony used to call Meijer my personal Disneyland. Seriously. He would send me, unaccompanied, to Meijer whenever I needed a break or to destress. :)