Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hitting the road...again.

Later today the kids and I will pack up and leave Michigan (for good? until residency starts next summer?? time will tell.) We are taking the scenic route home. And by scenic route I actually mean stopping to visit as many friends as possible in an attempt to keep me sane while traveling solo with kids...although my plan could very well backfire on me!

First stop will be Illinois. Next Wisconsin. Then we will spend a day in Minnesota before loading up and heading out west (with my parents - thank goodness!). We will stop and visit my sister and BIL's ranch in South Dakota for a day. And then we will drive the rest of the way to MONTANA! It has been far too long since I have made it out to my brother and SIL's place. It's time to remedy that:) 

It's going to be good. And stressful. And fun. And crazy. It might even be epic. This little trip will increase our states visited this summer up to a grand total of NINE. Not too shabby for me and my minivan full of kids. All this to say, I may be a little MIA over the next couple weeks. Either that or I will be here (via phone) over-sharing all the fun like crazy. We shall see. 

Wish me luck. That and a trip that is melt down free...

Child sized or adult sized. Equally ugly. Equally not welcome on our caravan-o-fun. 

Oh and Joe? He is staying in Michigan for another 4 weeks. He was supposed to be driving back to Minnesota with us so he could fly to Las Vegas. That fell through...unfortunately:(  Back up plan was to help teach a class at his school in Chicago. Back-up back-up plan was to find a different program that would accept him at the last minute. At the very last minute he found just such a program here in Michigan. Lucky ducky. 

That about sums it up (for now)!

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