Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Guess who is wearing undies now? Never mind don't guess. We all are. So that's an awkward question:) That's right folks. Family of five here ALL IN UNDIES! No diapers for us. Okay a few diapers. But mostly undies.

Today was the ninth day of underwear wearing for Hannah and she didn't have a single accident! Prior to today she was having about 1 accident/day. She is doing great. Way better than I expected actually. (Of course now that I have typed this all up she will probably regress terribly...kids...they keep you humble.)

See the thing is that I swore up and down that I was NOT going to potty train Hannah until sometime after the move. I even packed up and sent my little potty chair back to my parents' house already. I was NOT going to do this.

Until I did. 

About two weeks ago I was just FED UP with changing toddler diapers. At first I thought it was that I was burnt out on cloth diapers so I gave myself a break and used only disposables for a week. No difference in my attitude. I was sick and tired of ALL diapers. So I traded in changing and washing dirty diapers for lots of time spent in the bathroom as a cheerleader and cleaning messes and dirty undies.

And while initially it felt like a bad trade and more work then it was worth, now I am loving it. No more diapers! (Well except the bedtime and nap diaper of course.)

Her siblings are loving potty training too. Every time Hannah has a success they ALL get a candy. This was my custom when potty training Charlotte because Isaiah was a very active participant in that process as I was often stuck in my rocking chair with a nursing baby. He totally earned his candy back then. These days he's just a candy vulture with hardly even an encouraging word for his newest toilet using little sister. I am seriously considering recanting the candy for all kids rule.

The other day I thought I had a pretty epic potty training story to share with Joe. Earlier in the day, I had to tell Hannah to NOT wipe her tongue with the toilet paper she had just wiped her bottom with...but Joe had an equally epic story about one of our other children. Apparently he had to stop one of our children from blowing their nose with the toilet paper they had just used on their poopy bottom! That child shall remain nameless...

We like to keep it nice and sanitary around here. Or not. Not in the least. But I suppose that comes with the territory. Speaking of territory. Ours is ever expanding. We are no longer on potty training house arrest! Today we spent two hours at the park AND went grocery shopping without a single mishap. Its was a toddler bladder sized miracle.

Counting my blessings one pair of dry undies at a time:)

*All pictures that include me are compliments of big sister.

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