Monday, August 11, 2014

weekend happenings

Friday night after dinner we headed out (as a family) to scrounge up some new shoes for the seven and under crowd. Wild & crazy times I tell ya! Hannah has outgrown all of her shoes since we left home 9 weeks ago. Isaiah really needs new shoes for the quickly upcoming school year. And Charlotte...well...she doesn't really need anything...that girl has a million pairs of shoes but we may have promised her new shoes for her cooperation:)

Clearly we were setting ourselves up for a good time. 

Per our usual, we opened the van doors via automatic buttons on the key (we are fancy like that:) and allowed the children to scurry into their seats unassisted. When I went to buckle Charlotte in her seat I discovered (much to my horror) she was drinking milk from the restaurant from the night before. Milk that had been left in the van for 24 hours on an 80+ degree day.  Our conversation went down a little something like this:

Me: Charlotte! That's milk. Old mi...
C: No mom. It's CHOCOLATE milk! 
Me: True. But you still can't drink it!

(It was definitely curdled when I went to dispose of it.)

The rest of the outing was far less disgusting. Charlotte and Isaiah managed to dump three bins of shoes in the middle of the aisle at Once Upon a Child and Hannah loudly protested trying on any shoes remotely close to her size. But that stuff is pretty much par for the course. I wouldn't expect anything less from my crew. Fifteen minutes after the store closed (and about two seconds before the saleswomen lost all patience with our circus act) we managed to walk out with FOUR pairs of new (to us!) shoes. And we are only $22 poorer. All in all a whopping success. 

Since I am on such a roll with the (boring) weekend recap...

Saturday Joe was in the ER. So the kids and I ventured out to the beach ALL afternoon. Between hours 2 and 3 things dragged. But then the fun picked up and the rest of the afternoon flew by as the kids "motor-boated" around and I watched from the comfort of my chair:)

As we were loading into the van to leave Charlotte grabbed something from the coin tray (ash tray?) and informed me that I used to have a lot more of these when we lived in Illinois...

Touché Charlotte. Touché. 

Saturday night I had the pleasure of running some errands while Joe put the kids to bed!!!! In more non-exciting shoe news, I finally replaced my 12 year old black flip flops with these beauties...

Ok beauties might be a slight exaggeration. But they are really comfortable! And that's what counts right? :)

Sunday found Joe in the ER again. But we had a surprise visitor. Aunt Chelsea! So I am not sure the kids noticed or cared about their father's absence. (Sorry Joe). 

I think that about covers it. Unless of course you wanted to see the shirts the kids made. Or if you were dieing to know that I was able to return the Red Box movie ON TIME and by myself thanks to Aunt Chelsea visiting:)

Ok. Fine. Here's the shirts...

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