Monday, August 4, 2014

Losing a tooth.


Very slowly. But it is happening. I was beginning to worry that he was taking after his father with stubborn-won't-fall-out-without-the-dentist's-assistance teeth. But no it appears with a little persistence this tooth will come out 

For now we are enlisting the help of hard foods. Like apples. And corn on the cob. Even his sisters are getting in the spirit of things and joining the fun...

It's not out yet. But it is going to happen. And when it does, this tooth fairy is ready. With a brand new battery-operated Transformer tooth brush! And the new tooth is ready and waiting to fill the gap. 

Speaking of things happening, we checked off one of our Michigan TO-DOs this past week. We made the one hour trek east to check out Lake Michigan from this side. 

It was nice. Sandy and crystal clear. The sun was HOT and the water was COOL. Oh and this park had the HUGEST sand dunes I have ever seen. Joe and the big kids climbed and played on those while Hannah and I enjoyed the water. All in all a pretty nice afternoon. 

But the best part was this...

All three kids buried in the sand! It was hysterical and they LOVED it. Seriously Hannah was so relaxed she almost fell asleep. 

We are going to have to go back before we leave. Although the $3 sprinkler and lawn chairs in the front yard are a pretty good alternative...

Might take a little convincing to get me up and moving again:)

Edited to add:

The HUGE sand dunes!

If you look close you can spy Joe, Charlotte & Isaiah - just below the fallen tree in middle of the dune. 

And this cute toddler chasing sea gulls on the beach...

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