Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah!

My baby isn't a baby anymore! Seriously, how does that happen? And why does it happen SO FAST? I swear with every baby time moves faster.

But the good news is that I am re-discovering just how fun it is to have a two year old in the house! Seriously two year olds are incredibly entertaining and (relatively) easy to parent.

(I never would have believed that last statement with my first two year old. But now I know it is true. If I only had to parent babies and young toddlers that would be fine by me. It's the 4+ ages that are hard to parent. In my humble, still-a-novice opinion.)

Back to the BIRTHDAY GIRL! She has a couple quirky habits that I want to remember and her birthday seems like a good time to record them...

If anyone tells her she is beautiful or funny or big or pretty much anything besides her name, she will correct them by saying "MO! Hannah" and point to herself. When asked her name she answers with first AND last name (which are probably only understandable to Joe & I). It's undeniably adorable. 

She is a daredevil! Seriously this girl is fearless. Climbs like a monkey. And jumps without looking. If/when she falls and injures herself she rarely cries. And when she does it lasts less than sixty seconds. And yet, if I put her up on a high surface (even one she is able to crawl onto herself) she freaks out! For example, Isaiah really wanted a picture with his sisters in this circle. So I lifted Hannah up and started snapping...

Hannah was less than two feet off the ground and terrified! Wouldn't look up for a picture. And yet if she had climbed up there herself she would have been having a grand time. 

I often ask Hannah if she loves mommy. She ALWAYS answers, "And Daddy!" If I ask if she loves one of her siblings she always answers yes and the other one too! It's very sweet. And 100% true. This girl loves everyone in her family and she is happiest when we are all together. 

Daily...sometimes hourly...she vacillates between being mommy's baby and a big girl. She can't quite decide which one she is. And I am ok with that.

How old are you birthday girl?

Two years today. Honestly some of the best years of my life. Thank you Hannah for being one of the best surprises! I didn't know there was someone missing from my life...until there was you. 


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! I am really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that she is two. (I agree with you...two teally is a fun year!)

    1. Aren't you glad you get to experience two again?!?

      I added the last kissing picture just for you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! All day she went around saying "HAPPY ME!" I would say it was a happy birthday indeed:)