Wednesday, August 6, 2014

giraffes and birthday cake

Look who came to Michigan....

Papa Joe & Grandma Cyndy!

And they took our crew to the ZOO! Where we hiked to "Africa" and fed some giraffes.

(A little backstory for the we were finishing up lunch Joe's dad offered to take us to the zoo. Joe being the responsible, level-headed one immediately started looking up the zoo hours as well as the forecast for the afternoon and mentioned the fact that it was nearing Hannah's naptime. I on the other hand was all over the zoo idea like white on rice! Only open til 5? No biggie. We will leave NOW! Predicted afternoon rainshowers? Grab the umbrellas! No nap? Ah, I will pack extra snacks. That ought to keep her happy. And off we went. Most of my solutions worked. The nap thing might have bit us in the behind though...)

It was crazy. These giraffes were so docile and friendly. They ate right out of our hands and even let us pet them. Not that I know what normal giraffe behavior is like, but these giraffes seemed EXTRA friendly! The kids (and adults) were fascinated!


It was the highlight of the day...hence I don't have many pictures of anything else!

The plan was to end the day with a birthday celebration for Hannah & Grandma back at our place. However the scream/cry-filled drive home nearly did me in. I was ready to call it quits and make it an early bedtime for everyone. But ever the fun(er) parent, Joe pulled off a nice dinner and mini birthday celebration for the birthday girls (without any assistance from me).

Its such a shame that she didn't like all that attention. ;)


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