Monday, June 2, 2014


Last week I was able to attend Isaiah's end of first grade open house (thanks to a friend watching the girls). It was great seeing him in his element (in an environment outside of our family/home). That's all. I saw my boy at school and I loved it. I am such a MOM. 

Yesterday I took just Charlotte with me to run an errand. And for the first time I didn't mind all the trinket-y kid stuff at the checkout aisle because she was so thoroughly distracted that she never once noticed the birthday gift I was buying for her a mere two feet away!! Plus one child's pleas for stuff is a lot easier to tune out than three! (Sidenote: how is she turning 4 in two days?!?)

As we were walking into the store Charlotte pointed out the people crossing sign to me. She told me she knew what it meant..."NO TAKING PEOPLE from streets". Got it. Duly noted. I left all extra people in the street:) 

Speaking of yesterday, it was my birthday. My 31st birthday. Which seemed like a far less big deal in comparison to my birthday last year. Although I still tried to convince Isaiah that I turned 29 again. He wasn't buying it. That kid is too smart for my good:) But he assured me that I am not old. According to him I will be old once I am in my fifties!

So my FIL was the first person to call and wish me a "Happy Birthday". In fact I thought he was going to be the only person to call me until my parents called at 9pm! Facebook greetings and text messages have definitely replaced birthday cards and phone calls...not sure how I feel about that. 

Regardless I had a great birthday. The weather cooperated and we spent the evening at the beach. In fact I took the entire day off from packing. It was a very relaxing day. 

Want to know what feels like cruel and unusual punishment? Getting ready to move during a season change. Because amidst trying to pack everything, I am also trying to change out my wardrobe plus all the kids wardrobes!!! It's enough to drive me batty. Especially since our weather is wavering between rainy 60 degree days and sunny 80 degree days!  Ack. It's terrible. (I'll survive. Thanks for listening.) Isaiah is pretty excited about his new summer clothes. Especially because I didn't put them in his drawer as sets. He chooses his own outfits. Big stuff around here. 

More moving prattle. I promise it will end eventually. I FINALLY went through and sorted/purged three boxes of random stuff that I had packed but not used TWO moves ago. It was all the stuff I didn't want to deal with so I just packed it up and pretended it didn't exist. Ironically I am now entering that stage with this move. Just throwing random stuff in random boxes and I don't care! Luckily this time I am throwing away more stuff as I go. But still the random stuff boxes are inevitable. 

Lastly because confession is good for the soul. The girls have been watching A LOT of cartoons lately. It's been my preparing-to-move clutch and I know it. I feel halfway bad about it. But not bad enough to change anything. They are occupied and I am getting things packed. 

That's all she wrote. 


  1. One time Isaiah asked me how old I was and then told me how old Joe is. I almost corrected him when I realized I was the one that was a year off.

    I talked to you on your just called me...oops.

    1. True. But did you remember that it was my birthday?!?

    2. I rudely interrupted you right away to wish a happy birthday!

    3. Oh yes! I remember. It was just too early in the morning for me to be functioning yet:)