Sunday, June 15, 2014


We are here. The kids and I arrived in Minnesota Friday evening. And thanks to wonderful friends (and friends of friends) we were able to get the truck unloaded, partially re-loaded and finally completely unloaded rather quickly. That process went much better than I expected and I am so glad it is done!

The trip here was mostly uneventful besides me nearly rear ending someone when in stop-n-go traffic. Oops. Oh and Hannah gagging herself and throwing up ALL over herself and her car seat a mere 90 minutes into our 8 hour drive. Despite having a van full of stuff I was majorly unprepared to deal with that little situation. She rode in a diaper and towel for awhile. Eventually I dug out her clothes from the day before:) We made it work. 

While we are unloaded, we are far from settled. In fact our first night here was one of the most unsettling nights I have had in a long, long time. Long story short, we spent the entire night in the emergency room as my mom was having stroke-like symptoms. THAT was not in the plans. Thankfully it was NOT a stroke and she is back to her normal self once again. If only we could make up for all the lost sleep as quickly as she recovered!

And it doesn't look like we will truly be settled for awhile as we are hitting the ground running. Yesterday Joe's family threw the kids a birthday party and they were completely spoiled with love, attention and gifts! It was just what they needed after the chaos of the move. And now today we are headed to camp. Isaiah will be a camper (for the second year). I am a volunteer camp nurse. And the girls will hang out and have fun! It's going to be a good week. Followed by camping with extended family and then visiting my grandparents. 

No time to settle in. There is fun to be had! 


  1. So scary to hear about your mom! I'm glad she is ok! You need some rest though...can you sneak some of that in at camp??

    1. It was very scary! And yes, camp allows me to get extra long as my girls rest too:)