Thursday, May 29, 2014

my little graduate

Today Hannah graduated from speech therapy! Okay technically it was an "exit interview & evaluation" but it felt like a graduation to me because she no longer qualifies for speech therapy. BECAUSE...wait for it...her speech abilities are in the normal range for her age!! Low end of normal. But we will take it and run. 

It is incredible to me how far she has come in such a short time. Her screaming is fading away as her words emerge. It's almost just a memory now. Almost. Five months ago when she started speech she had a ONE WORD vocabulary. Today she uses 60+ words AND has started to put two words together in rudimentary sentences. Her current favorites are "Mommy happy!" and "Yaya eyeball". (Recently there was an incident of Isaiah squirting shampoo in Hannah's eye. I don't think she has forgiven him yet.) 

This graduation from speech therapy is an answer to prayer. A very timely one at that! While I am very excited to hit the away-rotation-road with Joe and the kids this summer I was worried about taking Hannah from the therapy she needs. But she doesn't need it anymore. We are cleared to go (so to speak). Although I do worry that her incredible progress will cease or slow without therapy. It's back to just me teaching her and that didn't go so well the first yea, I'm a little nervous. But I am going to give it my best shot. 

Speaking of hitting the road, we finally know where we are going!!! End of June the kids and I will join Joe in Iowa for a four week emergency medicine rotation. Then at the end of July we will pack up and make the trek over to Michigan for another 4 week emergency medicine rotation. After that Joe is hoping to go to Las Vegas for a rotation and the kids and I will head back to Minnesota. While I am ALL for us sticking together as a family, Nevada at the end of August sounds miserable to me. Thanks but no thanks. 

It's going to be a fun summer! If I can get us packed and moved that is. 

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