Friday, June 27, 2014

not just any Friday.

It's test day (again).  Meaning Joe is taking his second boards exam today. For NINE hours. Meaning he is almost done with his third year of medical school. 

All that stands between him and the beginning of his LAST year of medical school is one hugely important test. Ack. I am so excited. And nervous. I might just be a wreck all day. It's a good thing my cool-as-cucumber husband is taking the test and not me.

can't believe we are finally here! It feels like the promised land. Fourth year. The academic year that we have been looking forward to since...well before he started medical school! We made it. And mostly in one piece:) That means in a mere 266 days we will find out where Joe matches for residency. And in 344 days he will graduate as a MEDICAL DOCTOR! But who's counting?!? I can't believe we are this close to being done. (With this chapter of medical training that is. Residency will be it's own beast. A beast I am blissfully ignoring at the moment.)

Ok. I am not sure I have a point with all this rambling. I am just super excited.  And had to share. Today is test day. Hooray! Now the hard part (for me) begins...waiting 6 weeks for those test results. Boo. Hopefully we will be having so much fun in Iowa the time will just fly by. 

Since I don't have a current picture of our test taker I will end with the kids playing on the beach. Just because. 

Summer. It's the best!

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