Tuesday, June 17, 2014

summer camp (v.2014)

Every summer since Charlotte was a newborn I have volunteered as a camp nurse for a week or two. I LOVE it. My kids LOVE it. We all look forward to all year long. And then we actually get to camp (the promised land filled with buffet meals and swimming and boating!) and I totally get overwhelmed and FREAK OUT.  

(It's an internal freak out of course. I mean I am the camp nurse after all. I need to at least appear to have it all together.)

Here's a little snippet of my yearly freak out session...

Ack! Campers. Meds! My babies. So many of them. And they all need my time and attention. How am I ever going to be a decent camp nurse and mom? 

It's okay. You have totally got this. It's just a little busy at the beginning. But every year it works out. You can do this Bear!

Oh my goodness! What was I thinking? This was a terrible idea. I can't be a good mom and a good camp nurse. I am definitely NOT doing this again next year! This is my LAST year. 

And yet here I am finishing up my fifth year as a camp nurse! And guess what? We all survived. Better than survived. We had a blast! And I managed yet again to balance my roles as mom and nurse. Although don't ask me quite yet if I am coming back next year. The stress of it all is a bit too fresh in my memory. Plus next year we will have Joe's graduation and move for residency to schedule around. Not that the move this year stopped us from coming to camp...

Enough words. Here are the pictures. The reasons we come each year. 

Not pictured is the amazing food! The fun staff. And a million other things that make camp so wonderful. We really do love it here. Maybe we will be next year. Maybe. 

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