Wednesday, June 11, 2014


At 11:31 AM today my baby turns seven years old. Being the sentimental fool that I am I can NOT wrap my brain around this fact! It seems impossible that it has been seven years since I first met my son. Instead of rambling further about the mysteries of time and how it passes, I will use this opportunity to honor Isaiah on his seventh birthday with SEVEN fun facts about him:

1. The boy is OBSESSED with Hero Factory. If we allowed it, it would be the ONLY thing he talked about all day, every day. He loves to put them together. He loves to take them apart. He loves to make them battle (and rescue Charlotte's princesses). He loves to make his own unique Hero Factory creations. He even loves watching videos of other people putting together Hero Factory!

2. He is constantly moving and/or making noises. Clicking his tongue. Tapping his foot. You name it, he's doing it, much to my chagrin:)

3. His favorite colors are gold and lime green. Two very common Hero Factory colors...coincidence? I think not:)

4. He is a very caring and thoughtful big brother. Sure he loves to antagonize his sisters and prove his superior wisdom, but he loves his sisters fiercely. He is constantly thinking of them and finding ways to share special treats and experiences with them. He checks on them often to make sure they are okay. And he is almost always willing to lend them a helping hand or a hug. It totally melts my heart.

5. He is an AVID reader. At bedtime he reads and reads and reads. He has read through his entire Action Bible once already!

6. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. And given his natural abilities to build and invent, we believe that someday he will create something that will help many people.

7. The boy is FAST. He loves to run (like his father). Lucky for him today is field day at school. Lots of running. Joe thinks someday Isaiah will run a 4 minute mile. (Which blows my mind since I can barely run a mile at all!)

And for that we are very grateful!
Thank you for adding a lot of noise and dirt and fun to our lives.
We can't imagine a life without you here!

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