Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a golden day

It's Charlotte's birthday!!!

Today she is FOUR! Which means it's also her golden birthday. And a golden opportunity for us to take a break from all things move related:)

Here's a little peak into our celebrations thus far:

It's been pretty low-key. Lots of sugar. A couple presents. Mostly a lot of fun with siblings and friends. Next up on our agenda (after rest time) is a pedicure & manicure for the birthday girl (and maybe her mommy too). And then grandma and grandpa should arrive in time for pizza and ice cream! 

Mostly today I am wondering how this sweet bundle has transformed into a fun and sometimes sassy four year old already?!? Where did the last 1,460 days go?!?

Joe kindly pointed out the obvious to me last night...maybe I wouldn't be so worn out if I didn't take on extra (unnecessary) projects right now. Oh like staying up late making a miniature birthday banner. Perhaps. However crafting is like a balm for my weary self. It relaxes me. It energizes.  And that tiny golden banner is ADORABLE. Totally worth losing a little sleep to create:) Especially because the birthday girl thought it was "so cute". 


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl and happy belated birthday to you! :)

    1. Thank you! It's birthday season around up is Isaiah's!!