Thursday, May 1, 2014

right on schedule

I had kind of forgotten that it is a test week THIS WEEK. Mostly because I have been busy getting ready for our company that is coming this weekend. More of a mental preparation than an actual get-the-house-ready type of prep. Regardless I have been a bit preoccupied and distracted. Plus we weren't falling apart like our usual test week selves. Everyone was healthy, relatively happy, and sleeping at night. Until last night that is. 

Charlotte went from happy and healthy to a feverish, coughing, weeping needling in just a matter of a couple of hours. By bedtime it was evident that sleep was not going to come easily for her (despite the ibuprofen & Benadryl). She was a whining thrashing mess. So I laid down with her in her TODDLER sized bed until she finally dozed off. She slept peacefully for a few hours (but of course I had not gone to bed even though my gut told me I should have). Just as I was finally trying to go to sleep she cried out for me. Back to her bed I went. After some more crying and thrashing we both dozed off. Somewhere around midnight she woke again so I decided to transfer us to my bed - where there would actually be room for both of us. When we crawled into bed I woke Joe and told him it was going to be a long night and suggested he go sleep on the couch or the guest bed in the basement (so he could get good quality pre-test sleep). He declined.

Two hours later Joe kicked us out because Charlotte was kicking him in the neck. Totally legit complaint. But that meant we went back to the too small bed...

I tried really hard to leave Charlotte alone in her bed but she wasn't having it. She needed her mommy. So the toddler bed it was for the rest of the night until Isaiah found me at 6 am begging for cartoons and cereal. I obliged. Glad to get out of my miniature prison. 

After getting the big kids situated with their cartoons and breakfast, I finally crawled back into my bed without any children! I immediately woke my peacefully slumbering and blissfully unaware husband to complain about the backache I was now experiencing (compliments of the toddler bed). He didn't reply. Nothing. Nada. No acknowledgement. So I repeated myself and added how tired I was too with a little extra whine in my voice. To which he responded, "yeah I think tonight I will sleep in the guest bed so I can get more sleep". 

WHAT?!? Are you kidding me?!? Because I already suggested that 6 hours earlier! Oh I was livid. And tired. The words that flew out of my mouth were not kind. And they were not filtered either. He felt my wrath. He knew he had made a mistake. He quickly got his tired self out of our bed and helped our children get ready for the day while I attempted to get a little sleep. (I say attempted because two out my three children managed to weasel their way back to my bed to ask me very important questions - what day is it? and can I use your phone? - and interrupt my sleep some more.) 

As I was driving Isaiah to school this morning I was explaining to him why I was so tired. He then began drilling me as to the exact times Charlotte had woken during the night. To which I repeatedly responded "I don't know. I was sleepy." He then went on to explain that he had read the medicine package and it said it only lasts 8 hours so Charlotte probably needed more medicine to sleep! If I had just given her more medicine then I wouldn't be in this predicament. And I hate to admit it but he's probably right. 

All that to say, we are falling apart right on schedule. 24 hours to go until test time. 

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  1. More pictures next time please. -Dad